I offer private Occupational Therapy assessments, therapy programmes and advice for children aged 0-16 years in Kent and surrounding areas. 

An occupational therapy assessment can identify difficulties that are affecting your child’s everyday functioning and provide you with information and understanding, as well as recommendations for how to adapt or overcome them.

The assessment services I offer range from screening assessments to establish whether your child may benefit from more detailed investigation, to full developmental testing of gross and fine motor coordination, cognitive, sensory and language skills. More about my services

Who can occupational therapy help?

Occupational therapy can benefit any baby, child or young person, who is experiencing difficulties with everyday tasks (playing, moving, using hands, dressing, feeding, writing etc). If you have concerns about your child’s movement or coordination and would like an assessment for conditions such as DCD (dyspraxia), hypermobility, developmental delay, sensory processing or problems with handwriting /fine motor skills, do get in touch. If you have concerns about the development of your baby and would like a thorough developmental assessment, do contact me to discuss.
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About me

As a children’s occupational therapist, I help children to develop practical skills that will help them to thrive in day-to-day life. My aim is to support children to become as independent as possible and achieve their potential at home, at school and when playing.
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