Here’s what some of the families I’ve worked with have said about the private assessments I provide.

“Heidi came to our house to undertake an OT assessment for our five year old son who has struggled with his handwriting. She immediately formed a good rapport with him and he thoroughly enjoyed the assessment. Heidi quickly produced a thorough report which contained a lot of helpful ideas and suggestions for home and school. Our sons school has commented that the report was extremely thorough and helpful. We have put a number of the suggestions in place and are already seeing significant improvements in our son. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Heidi”.

“Heidi came to assess our 4 year old who was having behavioural problems following starting school.  She assessed him at home which is relaxing and familiar.  She is incredibly calm and friendly and our son instantly warmed to her.  It also mattered to us that that she is a mother so she understands how scary admitting there might be a problem and undertaking an assessment is for parents.  She is professional and genuinely caring and supportive.  During the assessment she needed a flexible approach since our boy tried to negotiate or avoid a lot of the (play based) activities but from her assessment we found there were some developmental issues that we could work on (such as pencil grip and crossing the mid-line that would resolve with age and practice) and some sensory issues that wouldn’t resolve but needed to be understood and managed.  We now have a report that helped with some essential adjustments in school and started school on a path with him that works better for him and his teachers!  The report and further work we have done since her visit has entirely changed the way school (and us as parents) respond to him.  Behaviour comes from somewhere and since the process that Heidi started has taught us to look for the “why” we can adjust ourselves and manage what he needs without the drama.  Heidi’s assessment took us from having an angry, frustrated, scared, overwhelmed little boy who lacked confidence and avoided anything he was asked to do in school, in a stressed-out, tired, confused family, to a (mostly!) calmer home and school experience where our son can learn and school can teach him.   Heidi’s assessment and report was literally life changing and I would highly recommend that anyone who thinks their child would benefit from being assessed, should speak to her.”

“Heidi came and assessed my boy who is having great difficulty with his handwriting. She instantly made him feel at ease and kept him interested during the hour-long assessment. She has written a very thorough report including recommendations and great tips to help not only my boy and his school but a very frustrated and previously ignored mum. Thanks Heidi-Marie.”

“The moment Heidi walked into our house she and our 2 1/2 year old son, who needed to be assessed on his overall development, were engaged and at ease with each other. With her extremely professional and personal approach she conducted a thorough yet fun assessment. Post assessment, Heidi’s communications, explanations and desire to help are all a testament to her professionalism and dedication. We would not hesitate in recommending Heidi to anyone who feels they could benefit having their child assessed.”

“Heidi provided an assessment, report and therapy recommendations for my young daughter, who had a small bleed in her brain around the time she was born. Heidi helped me to understand all the confusing medical terminology in the letters I had from the hospital, showed me new ways to play with my baby to promote her development, and she helped me to set goals for my daughter, in the short and longer term. She explained to me about the latest research and which therapy interventions could be most effective for my daughter to achieve her goals. Following the assessment and report, Heidi was happy to talk on the phone or on email, and there was no additional charge for this which was really reassuring.” 

“After years of struggling to make sense of our son’s learning delay, muscular issues and constant fatigue it was a huge relief to meet Heidi. From the very start she was so compassionate, empowering and so easy to talk to. For the first time in years we felt someone really understood our son and our concerns. There are many medical professionals out there but there are only a rare few who can connect with people the way Heidi can. Heidi is extremely knowledgeable, thorough in her assessment and always gave us time to ask questions where she really helped us to understand things she had written in her detailed report. Because of Heidi we can now better support our son in ways that would have not been possible had we not met her. Heidi has given us knowledge, effective strategies and the most comforting thing of all is that she restored our faith.”